Mobile payment, some fraud thoughts!

Like10 to15 years ago people used public coin phone booths to do their important calls on the go, on a daily bases it was familiar to see waiting line in front of the cabinet waiting for their turn.

Mobile payment, internal fraud

Coin phones,
Even though calls was clearly cheap, it was common to see some metal circles simulates the coin –Coin fraud– weight and size, in order to cheat the cabinet and establish a free phone call, and guess what? This fake coins was returned to other customers as change after finishing a call. You may also recall that coins connected to a wire where the user can pull it back after finishing his call.

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How to build the worst payment system in 10 steps!

During my journey with mobile payments and payment gateways, I was lucky to see and evaluate multiple payment solutions and systems.I have seen a lot of amazing and well designed systems and was also lucky to see some other systems that scored very law on my evaluation charts. And guess that most of them disappeared now and failed as expected!
Worst mobile payment systemWithin this series I will list the most critical points I used in my evaluation as guide line for any one wants to build a system to fail, and it worth mentioning that you can use the below tips on your own risk with no liability on the author![Hint] I will add some comments after each tip for explanation.

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Mobile Payment, Apple pay Et tu, Brute?

Few days ago the giant smart phone manufacturer Apple announced its new payment product ‘Apple pay’ and finally iPhone will come with NFC port in a step that all the world identified as very late step from Apple side!

Apply pay

Apart form the new introduced techniques, the added security value and the new payment experience, the announced product did not add any new value or proposition to the mobile payment industry.


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